We are a husband and wife team (Jacob and Minerva) and we are JAMS CAKERY. 

While I have always known that there will be a bakery in our future, the exact format of said bakery remained a mystery to us. This brings us to a while ago when we decided to follow a paleo lifestyle as much as possible and as much as we love eating paleo and the benefits that we have reaped from it, we wondered if we truly would be able to love a life without desserts. Being a baker that seemed almost impossible and the last thing I wanted was to fail at this lifestyle change.  

This is how JAMs CAKERY was born. In the confines of our kitchen, and on our couch, we researched, created, tweaked and crafted recipes we know we absolutely love and couldn't wait to share them with you all. You will also find everyday desserts for our ultimate dessert lovers.

Why did we choose an online bakery format? The answer is simple. We want to be able to control the quality of products that get our labels and have more people be able to access our products

What is in a NAME? You are probably wondering why we chose this name? It is rather straight forward.  We are Jacob and Minerva and most importantly those initials (JAM) represent a very precious soul who gained her angel wings too soon, our daughter JACOBI AMA-LEE and this is our way to carry her with us as part of this journey.

We are excited to have you here and welcome to our family. Open the doors to amazing desserts...

Wishing you all things sweet,

Jacob and Minerva.